Saturday, October 17, 2015

First Marathon Kids Running Club in South Carolina

     This fall, Carolina Voyager Charter School kicks off their own chapter of Marathon Kids, an exciting new running club.   Marathon Kids was born out of the belief that kids deserve to live happier, healthier lives. Kay Morris, a self-described “middle-aged, slow runner,” founded Marathon Kids in 1995 after being motivated by completing her first running log. She created a program based on the idea that this same simple concept could motivate kids, boost their physical activity and introduce them to the joy of running.  Marathon Kids has partnered with Nike to take this youth running program to the next level.  So far, Marathon Kids has transformed the lives of over two million children.  
     Marathon Kids at Voyager meets weekly after school on our campus.  All parents and family members are invited to join us each week for our run.  Over the course of the year, our Kindergarten, First, Second, and Third grade students will run the equivalent of two marathons (54.2 miles).  Their last mile will be a community celebration at a surprise site off campus.  For each mile they complete, students will earn charms to proudly display on their Marathon Kids necklaces.  Once finished their first marathon, they will receive specially designed Nike T-shirts and a certificate of completion.
     The Marathon Kids Club at Carolina Voyager is one of a number of wellness programs being offered at the school.  The goals of Voyager’s Wellness Committee are to provide educational activities to promote our student’s physical and mental well-being.  Other wellness activities at the school include planting, caring for, and harvesting food from our school garden, participating in cooking and nutrition activities with the Executive Chef Kevin of Indaco Restaurant Charleston, learning with Dr. Warr, our MUSC Adopt-A-Doc, learning about nutrition through our Wellness newsletter, and participating in two daily recess periods. All of these activities are building life-long habits that will ensure our children live happier and healthier lives.
     Carolina Voyager is excited to be the first Marathon Kids Running Club in the South.  We join hundreds of other clubs all across the nation, running for a healthier life.  Be on the lookout for our kids sporting their Marathon Kids shirts at one of the many road races that are such a part of our Charleston community.
     Anyone interested in learning more about the Marathon Kids program at Carolina Voyager may contact Dr. Harry Walker, School Leader, either by phone (843-203-3891) or by email (  We welcome donations to support this great program for our children.