Friday, May 13, 2011

Just for Fun - Show Your Age

So the other day I'm in one of my fifth grade classrooms, and some of my kids are playing The Oregon Trail on their IPod Touches.  What a flashback!  Most people who read this will likely remember playing this "computer game" while they were in school.   As a teacher who started his career prior to the use of computers in schools (yes I'm that old), Oregon Trail was one of the first games I can recall that went beyond the drill and practice format of early computer applications.  Maybe it was the interactivity of the game that attracted kids to want to play it (or the fact you could shoot buffalo?).  Maybe this game was a "pioneer" on the "trail "to the level of interactivity that we have come to expect in all aspects of computer use today?  At any rate, go ahead and download it from the ITunes Store.  You know you want to.  Bonus - There is a free version.  Have fun and remember not to go too fast or you'll lose an oxen or break an axle.

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