Friday, June 10, 2011

Clayton County, Georgia visits Sandy Plains

Clayton County Public Schools Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent, and two Area Superintendents visited the IPod Classrooms at Sandy Plains on Thursday.  The children amazed our visitors with their “tech-abilities.”  While we lobby and advocate for funding to increase the use of mobile one-to-one computing in schools through blogs, wikis, letter writing, and presentations at budget hearings, it suddenly occurred to me that our efforts should be focused on inviting the powers that be to simply spend some time in our classrooms.  In as little as half an hour of watching and talking to kids about how they are using technology, even the most fiscally conservative politician, school board member, or high level administrator would be swayed to somehow find the funding to support programs such as ours.  Watching the kids working together trumps any other “research based, empirically validated, yada yada” data out there.  To Dr. Heatley, Superintendent in Clayton County:  Thanks for being a visionary and HOORAH!   

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