Tuesday, September 27, 2011

IPods in 5th Grade Science

The following post comes from Kay Antley, one of our 5th grade IPod teachers.  You can contact her directly at

My students have been using the IPods this year a lot during science class.  Our unit of study this quarter is geology.  Many of our lessons have been completed on the IPods. We are using interactive games to reinforce the core skills for the unit.  For example I found a website that has an interactive rock cycle where the kids can actually see the rock cycle occurring.
Students can click on each of the rock examples to identify the type and what kind of rock it is.  We also have used the IPods for inquiry during science.  The students have seen through the NASA APP our Earth in action.  Using this app, they can identify the layers, as well as the composition of each layer.  We are still learning all the important concepts our school system wants us to know but doing it in a much more interactive and fun way!

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