Tuesday, December 6, 2011

eKids - The Key to Transforming Education

Eureka! It was so simple and so right in my face that I completely missed it!  What a fool I've been!

For years now, we've been, as John Mayer sings, "waiting for the world to change."  One of the reasons technology integration continues to move at a snail's pace is folks charged with "driving the bus" aren't necessarily the sharpest tools in the shed when it comes to their own use of technology, and many lack the vision in terms of how technology could transform education.  Can we really expect folks who grew up with rabbit ears on their TV's and phones connected to the wall with a wire to envision what the 21st century world and classroom might look like?  Who really "gets it?" The kids, of course.  What if we trusted them drive the bus, even if they aren't old enough to get their license yet?  Surely you have asked a kid in your classroom, or maybe even your own kid, for tech advice.  Maybe it's time we felt comfortable asking even more of them?

Check out this article about a school system outside of Cincinnati piloting a program entitled, eKids (eLearning Kids in Demand):

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