Thursday, January 5, 2012

IPads and Differentiation

Welcome to post 100 of I Teach Therefore IPod.  When I started this blog in April during a Tammy Worcester PD Session at the MSET Conference (a big shout out to the best Tech Staff Developer out there!), I never thought nine months and 10,000 page views from 76 countries later I would still be at it.  I've been inspired by the reach of the blog across the globe.  It's been a great example for my students about how one person's thinking can plant a seed that grows around the globe.  The app rubric that brought many of you to this site is being used in over 190 school systems, universities and agencies allover the world.  It's kind of freaky when you think about it.  Anyway, I'll continue blogging as long as you continue reading.  Thanks for following....

Now, today's post - A number of schools in the Olympia area of Washington State have adopted the use of IPads in some of their classrooms.  Are you frustrated with your district or school's progress in the adoption of the latest technology.  Be glad you are not in the North Thurston Public Schools (see article) - They are not using IPads "because they don't work with the district's technology system." Really?  At any rate the article highlights the work in several other districts.  My favorite part is where one teacher discusses how well the students take care of the IPads, something they originally worried about.  We have had the same experience with even our fourth and fifth graders. The treat them as if they were gold - they kind of are to them.  Her quote from the article - "They put them back where they're supposed to.  They never put French books back where they're supposed to."

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