Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I'm All About Technology, But Really???

I love technology.  You know that.  I believe it will continue to change how we educate our children, but really - algorithm scoring of essays?  I came across this article the other day and have heard about essay scoring programs, but I remain a skeptic.  Has writing become so formulaic, at least the kind of writing in the upcoming release of high stakes tests that will purportedly measure writing, that a computer program can skim and scan looking for key words and phrases and grammatical errors and then profess to be scoring a studneets' writing?    Mr. Vander Ark of OpenEd Solutions is quoted, Providing students with instant feedback about grammar, punctuation, word choice and sentence structure will lead to more writing assignments.  SO that's what writing is?  Really?  I remain a skeptic.  Read the piece below and see where you stand.

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