Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Writing in the Digital Age - Part 2

Lat month's post on digital writing was well read and generated interesting conversation about the ways "kids these days" are writing.  Rather than lament about the good old days of diagramming sentences and constructing well structured paragraphs, let's try to embrace the fact that kids are communicating in writing more than they ever have, just in ways that we are not comfortable with.  One of the cool things I have learned about kids over the past 30+ years in education is that they are capable of learning different behaviors to be used in different contexts.  Be it spoken language or written language, kids shift gears all of the time based on their location and audience. As linguistics expert Susana Sotillo, associate professor at Montclair University notes, "No one is destroying the English language; the English language just keeps changing.  It's not a good idea to present change as a negative aspect."  You can read her comments as well as the thinking of other supporters of digital writing in the mindshift post below.    :) riting, LOL!

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  1. I agree! It's amazing what my students will write 'digitally' yet struggle writing by hand. You can check out some of my students' work on my blog at Adventures of iPads in Kindergarten.

    Melissa Dills