Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween Post - What is truly scary?

My Halloween Post - What is truly scary?

After having endured the positive and negatives of social media for years while doing what so many people attest is really great work at my school, I have come to the following conclusion - Facebook is scary.  No change that, Facebook gives a platform to people who are scary.  While so many great things can be accomplished via social media, Facebook and other platforms provide folks who have an agenda the opportunity to bully folks who truly don't deserve it.   Where else in your life, or in this universe, can you say whatever your want, free from repercussions or reprisals?  While I sometimes feel the desire to fire back at the haters, when you get into an argument with a fool, after a while it's hard to tell who is the fool.  So I guess I'll just drop back and punt, turn the other cheek, and take solace in the fact that karma always catches up these folks.  It's like you should never go to the grocery store when you are hungry.  You should never post when you are upset or angry.  Me?  Not angry, just frustrated.  And a little sad.

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