Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Una lezione imparata in Italia (subtitled-A lesson learned in Italy)

After a week in Italy, a lesson learned- Not everyone here is tethered to their wireless device. Not sure if it's the expense of international roaming or what, but it's rare to see people on their cell phones. Maybe there is a lesson to be learned here. It's ironic that my last post before leaving for Europe addressed independence from mobile devices. Maybe we should each pledge to spend a period of time each day unplugged. Instead, lets connect to the people, places and moments around us. At the very least, we'll be a lot less annoying to the folks around us! As much as I have enjoyed being off the grid during the days, I still find myself connecting to the wireless at the hotel after returning from the night out. Checking email, checking out the news in a language I understand, making sure the Orioles lost, and seeing if any of my retirement savings have made it through another day in the market. Maybe next year I need to find a locale that does not have Internet hot spots. Does such a place exist? At any rate, by this time next year there will be 5G service that you'll be able to access from the North Pole. Oh, va bene! Arrivederchi from Firenze!

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