Thursday, October 6, 2011

Teachers Evaluate IPads

So how do early adopter teachers feel about IPads in the classroom?  I wasn't surprised to hear the range of opinions about how teachers viewed the integration of IPads into their classrooms.  It's a shift in thinking and in practice, unfortunately for some a quantum shift.  Three things really bothered me.  Te article is listed under the heading "Gadgets and Games" - Really, gadgets?  Second, the author talks about a "fad factor" - Really, you mean this might all go away? Third, to the teacher in Arlington who is quoted, "The community we have here, you have reading levels that are very low."  I hope you are able to hang on to your job.  Your community (including your principal) should be up in arms.  Lots of folks have commented on the piece.  What you are you thinking?

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