Monday, March 19, 2012

Is Technology Worth the Money?

So is all of this money being spent on technology really worth it?  It depends on how you measure its worth.  If you look strictly at our current narrowly-focused sense of what it measn to be a good student or a good school, possibly not.  Our current accountability systems are clearly off target when it comes measuring the skills and knowledge kids will need to be succesful in the future.  In this article, Larry Cuban brings up the notion of digital comeptence, or in 21st Century Framework lingo - information literacy.  While content is important, the ways we access it, anaylze it, and utilize it are forever changed. Schools need to be in the business of helping children learn to navigate through the sea of information out there.  I would say its much more importatnt than anything else we teach our kids.  You can read Larry's piece below:

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