Friday, March 9, 2012

Technology Underutilized

 I came across this story in THE Journal attracted initially by the title "At One School, IPods Help Improve Reading Scores." The premise has kids listening to audio books on Ipods as they follow along in text.  You know what also works?  A $20 CD player.  While a fan of increasing children's listening comprehension, getting them excited to explore a wide variety of texts and genres, and building background knowledge, I see the approach as a gross under utilization of mobile technology.  There are so many other things kids should be doing with this level of technolgy other than listening to someone read to them.  I also question how much this is taking away from the only research based method I know for getting kids to improve their reading scores, having them read, yes they do the reading, in text appropriate to their reading levels.   Here's the piece.  You make the call.

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