Thursday, April 12, 2012

Digital Texts Save Money - Like 3 Billion!

While we are only talking a paltry 3 billion dollars a year, according to an article by Peter Kafka in All Things Digital, the potential savings isn't anything to get too excited about anytime soon.  Unfortunately, too often discussion about what is best in education come down to dollars and cents.  The conversation about converting to digital texts needs to expand beyond the financial aspects to include the impact these types of text can have on student achievement.  There are so many advantages to digital texts that go beyond just potential cost savings.  I sometimes wonder if folks who aren't yet on board have even bothered to pick up a tablet and explore a digital text before passing judgement.  As one of the comments posted at the end of this article noted, there were also skeptics when the printing press was introduced.  You can check out the piece below: 

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