Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Breaking - Greetings from Harvard

     A week without any new posts, that's got to be a record.  I'm still alive, just taking a spring break from work and technology for a bit.  It's been kind of nice.  Tomorrow it's back to work, sort of,  presenting my preliminary research at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.  There's something about standing in the middle of Harvard Yard, surrounded by 375 years of big thinkers that makes you reflect on how you are contributing to the field and inspiring others, especially our children to innovate, create, and collaborate.
     I'll be posting my preliminary results in an upcoming post.  Our iPod team is also presenting later this month at the Common Ground Conference in Baltimore.  If you are planning to attend, please stop by and see us.  Thanks for following.  Many more posts will coming next week after Spring Break.  Have a Happy Easter all.

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