Friday, July 20, 2012

Mission Control: We Have Lift Off!

After months (that seemed like years) in the planning, today I launched my dissertation research project.  I am using a Delphi Process to empirically establish content and construct validity for the Evaluation Rubric for iPod Apps I developed in 2010.  As of today, I have received over 350 requests to use the rubric from practitioners all over the world.  If you are one of those folks, you should have received an email from me this morning inviting you to participate in this study.  After the study is completed, I will provide access to an evaluation tool that has been evaluated by hundreds of experts working in a wide variety of educational settings across the globe.  I will share data from the study as well as the finalized rubric as the research progresses.  Thanks in advance for all of the experts who are providing feedback on this important project.  The new and improved rubric being investigated can be accessed using the link provided below.  Apparently folks were having trouble accessing the Box link.

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