Friday, July 6, 2012

The Apple iPad: Saving to Satisfy Your Inner Gadget Geek - Guest Post

Apple’s iPad is over two years old now and it’s hard to justify to yourself to buy its latest iteration, despite the delight your inner geek gets from it. However, it just might be worth considering making the purchase after all, as the device could help you find savings in unexpected places.

How the iPad has Changed:
With the new iPad looking very similar to its predecessors, it can be difficult to pin down exactly what has improved. Fortunately, PocketNow gives a rundown of what’s new. The iPad’s processor now runs on a 32-nanometer chip, meaning it has a longer charge than the iPad 2 and can offer a savings in electricity. “AnandTech comes through again with some new data, showing that the latest iPad 2 definitely outperforms its predecessors when it comes to battery life” says PocketNow. They then get more specific, detailing exactly how much longer of a battery life can be expected for normal tasks:
·        Casual web browsing: 15.8%
·        Playing games: almost 30%
·        Watching videos: 20%
Recycling Your Old iPad:
Many consumers struggle convincing themselves to purchase another iPad after having just bought one last year. The New York Times offers tips on how to sell your old iPad in order to minimize the extra money you end up spending. In their article How to Sell Your Old iPad Now, they first recommend visiting Apple’s “Reuse and Recycle” program, where you will receive an estimate of the worth of your current device and free shipping should you decide to trade it in. Additionally, Target, Amazon, Best Buy, Radio Shack, and Walmart all offer credit for trading in old devices. EBay also announced that they would purchase iPad 2s, working (they claim to give up to $475) or otherwise. Before you sell, however, NY Times recommends backing up and resetting your iPad to protect your privacy. Finally, if you want to take advantage of the new model and purchase last year’s iPad 2 at a discount, Apple is dropping the price to $399 for a brand new device.

Airline Savings:
TechCrunch explains an unpredictable area the new iPad helps in savings: airline fuel. Airplane pilots are replacing heavy flight bags containing manuals and logbooks with light iPads containing the same information. TechCrunch does the math to show that an iPad would save only around 45 seconds on fuel each flight, but continues to explain how quickly these numbers add up and concludes with [United Airlines] estimates it will save 326,000 gallons of jet fuel a year. That’s in addition to 16 million sheets of paper in those flight bags.”

It’s always a challenge to keep up with Apple’s rapidly changing market of handheld devices. Still, their products are getting leaner and more efficient every year, so it’s only natural to see savings rolling in in even the least expected areas.

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