Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year? A Leap Ahead for First Grade Tweeters

What a great Leap Year Story - A group of first graders leaping forward, leading the way, pushing the envelope, on the cutting edge, TWEETING away.  Just when I think that I am making progress, learning new tricks as an old dog, along comes this story out of Chicago - First Graders at Abraham Lincoln Elementary using Twitter to let their parents know what's happening in school and to send them reminders about upcoming events.  Messages are delivered as a group and controlled by the teacher, but still, how cool is this?  Kids are also blogging to share work with classmates, parents, and other contacts outside the state.  You can read the short piece from the Chicago Tribune below:,0,7378048.story

Here is the link to the Abranham Lincoln Elementary website:

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