Monday, February 27, 2012

PreK Techies?

The jury is still out for many early childhood educators in the debate over technology use with our youngest students.  While millions are being spent on STEM education, the role of computers in the EC classroom is still not clear.  While an advocate to developmentally appropriate practices, including the importance of exploration and play, I'm wondering if we are proceeding a little too cautiously.  The world is changing.  The technology is changing (for the better every day). How we use technology is changing.  Why shouldn't our early childhood classrooms change as well.  I think we can marry DAP and Technology in ways that will improve the outcomes for children, particularly for experiences that cannot be provided in a classroom setting.  Technology also has the potential to even the playing field, building critical background knowledge for our students who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.  What is lacking are model programs incorporating best practices.  I am looking to connect with other like minded folks who believe we need to be doing more with our youngest learners.  If you are interested in collaboraating, please email me.

Here is a short piece from the Boston Globe -   

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